I hear there are these phone things


I just would like to announce that my 5 weeks of being offline have led me to purchase a smart phone.  This is where I am: Technology is quite mad, you know.

I don’t know how to stand the picture up, yet.


6 responses to “I hear there are these phone things”

  1. Sweet spot. BTW what phone did you get? I’m using my Nexus One (Android) to create a wifi access spot for my mac to send this, the cell tower I’m using in on Vancouver Island. (at least that’s where the GPS places me as a first guess) Small world.

    • I might need a tutorial on how to do that. Samsung galaxy android. Sure would like a proper keyboard.

  2. Settings/wireless & networks/tethering & portable hotspot/ you should be good from there. Galaxy or Galaxy 2? What version of Android are you running? I think the hot spot was introduced in 2.3 or maybe 2.2

    – Peace

  3. I thought that might happen, actually (the smart phone).

    And yes, technology _is_ quite mad. I think using strings of symbols to express thoughts to another is still a bit of a mad idea.

  4. Welcome to the future! Now download WordFeud and start a game of Scrabble with mrtopp.

    We play board games on small touchscreens here in the future.