Positioning and Strategy – MVP

An idea is not a product.

A product (even a digital one) has a concrete form. It has real answers to the question, “What’s in it for me?”

The process of getting from idea to product is challenging. To be frank, most startups never solve the problem of “product-market fit.” If you need somebody with an outside eye to ask you the hard questions, drill down on your precision, and help develop a plan to validate, iterate, and articulate, you need my Positioning and Strategy plan.

To get started with this process, book a call and let me know where you in your development.

Values, Vision, and Mission

Before you can work towards a set of shared values, you need to figure out what they are.

In this workshop, you develop a solid foundation to work from. It can be done as a retreat or as a series of meetings with time between them to consolidate.

Does everybody in your organization agree what you’re trying to accomplish? Do you have a grand vision? Is your mission statement jargonless? (Hint: “Synergize” is Right Out.)

I guide you through exploratory exercises to find a collective vision of the future. What do you already do well? What is the world you want to live in? Where does your organization fit in that better world?

This document can be used as a set of guideposts as your company grows – and it can become a selling point for both clients and employees. If you want your annual report to tell you that you are on track for the impact you want to have in the world, you want more than hope.

You want a plan.

Building Your Systems

Once you’ve got your course set, you need to track your progress

You’ve clarified your shared values and vision. How do you live them? What impact do they have on the decisions your team makes?

This is a consultation to map out your informal culture, flows of information, and real decision-making processes. It can involve interviews, observations, data-gathering, and training on the communication skills necessary to make values-aligned decisions in complex and uncertain circumstances.

If you are in the middle of some thorny issues and you want a little guidance along the way, book a discovery call and let’s talk about getting you back on track.