The place, not the band. That is to say, I have made it to Chilliwack, B.C. To reward myself, I have booked into a hotel that has a washer and dryer. I know, I know. Washers and dryers are everywhere. But this also has a bathtub, internet access, and beds I don’t have to make in the morning before going to the ferry. And by make, I mean, construct and/or fold up and down. This last couple of weeks has led me to a great love of having rooms in which I can place things without fearing that they will attract a bear to come and eat my children. Last night, I finally said, “I am so sick of bears!” To which my daughter rightly replied, “But we haven’t seen any bears, mummy.”

Frankly, if it were entirely to me to inventory the charismatic mega-fauna of the Rockies, my count would be: one elk. That’s all we saw in a week in the mountains. One elk. s’alright. It was a big one. And we’ve got pictures. Well, picture:

The elk I finally saw on my way out of Banff. Note how I did NOT hit him with my truck. Or rather, with my friend's truck.

So, we got lost at one of the biggest tourist destinations in Canada, and therefore didn’t make it to see glaciers before the interpretation site closed. Hint: sometimes you should just follow the crowd. There will have to be beer to pry THAT story from me. Anyhoo… because we were late and missed out on the Roger’s Pass centre, which had been promised to my son, we decided to stay at the Illecillewaet campground for a night. (It had been recommended to me by a woman in the hot springs in Banff.) It was so beautiful that we stayed for two. Glacier National Park: Gorgeous, isolated, non-crowded. This campground also happens to be adjacent to the ruins of one of the original CP luxury hotels. Campfire stories, guided hikes, rushing waters… the stuff of which a summer in the mountains is made. Anticipate rave reviews of Parks Canada to come.

And now it is one in the morning, and I have to get the laundry done before check-out time so that we can get dressed before going to the ferry to get to the island on the other coast. See how I haven’t gotten much writing done this month? But wow! What a trip. I don’t know if I’ve got suggestions, but I’ve got stories. 🙂

2 responses to “Chilliwack”

  1. Ruined original CP hotels may be the closest thing Canada has to ruined castles.

    Good to hear you’re having a fabulous time with sufficient deviation.

  2. I’ll say it to you personally on Friday, but I’ll put it here for posterity:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for driving my truck / trailer out west for me….