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  • Condensed Sunlight

    Condensed Sunlight

    We are condensed sunlight, breathing condensed sunlight, basking in (not condensed) sunlight, forged in cosmic fire, conversing with stars.

  • On Meaningful Work

    On Meaningful Work

    Why do I always follow up my plans for doing my writing with, “once I get my house in order?” A perusal of productivity books by men and women gives me some insight.

  • Amateur at Everything

    Each of has a limited number of things that we are pros at… whether those are the things we get paid for, or things that we have mastered as hobbies. Everything else (relationships, decision making, raising small people, taking care of our bodies, buying and selling cars and houses, picking a career…) is amateur hour.…

  • I Would Still Plant a Tree

    I Would Still Plant a Tree

    We can imagine the future, but we can’t predict it. Planting a tree is a gesture of hope that leaves something better in our wake.

  • We Need Your Best Work

    I’ve been working on a project (or three) for a loooong time, of which this page is only a part. I started off with the vague sense that it was about being “well-rounded” or “accomplished” (both of which are things that a lot of my peeps aspire to)… but it is increasingly obvious to me…

  • What’s all this Yoga For, Then?

    “Yoga is Self-Illuminating”  – me, feelin’ right proud of meself. Ironically. I have lost track of the number of times I have heard a sentence that started with the word, “What yoga is really about is… ” Of course, each of those sentences ended with something different. Also, (as I suspected), the more I study,…

  • Speaking of Desire

    Is desire a gift that we can use to navigate the world, or a challenge to be overcome? In this workshop, I step outside this binary to suggest that desire is not a single “thing”, but a range of different experiences that have subtle shading. Through a series of exercises, we feel out the texture our…

  • Abundance, Sustainability, and an (Actual) Sharing Economy

    (Originally published on Medium. I’m trying out some different things. That hasn’t worked so far.) I admit it. I’ve taken a lot of courses about abundance. I’ve spent time on vision boards and journals, setting intentions for precisely what it is I’m working on. Putting it out there, so to speak. Manifesting, bringing into reality,…

  • Explaining phenomena: How the Universe Works

    Hey, my friends. Did you know that I’ve got everything pulled together in a podcast over on the Cosmic Witchicists Travelling Intergalactic Roadshow? (And when I say everything, I mean *everything*.)

  • Maybe It Isn’t A Race?

    It takes bravery to know your strengths and operate diligently within them. Are you running your race, or someone else’s? #Quest2016 from Tracking Wonder Quest. Today’s prompt from Todd Henry, author of Die Empty. Oooh. Ouch. Let me take a sideways wander here, over into the land of board games. My family and many of…

  • Perspective Vortex

    Would they miss you if you were gone? What would have to change for that question to lead to a better answer? (Today’s prompt is from Seth Godin, of Seth Godin fame.) I would be missed. Of that I am sure. Just probably not by “them.” There would be no fanfare, no news item. I have…

  • A Big Question

    What question can sustain me, voracious as I am? (And, more to the point, hold my attention.) What problem is worthy of a lifetime of effort? (Many of them.) What sits at the intersection of those two sets?