Watching out for Joy

I am surprised to find that the first thing I started to do with this blog was look for joy. I want to explore possibility, sources of hope, people doing the Good Work that needs to be done.

But as soon as I started looking for things that were good about the world, I started seeing them everywhere. It’s become one of my major filters on the world, and it’s making my life better. I have experienced spontaneous moments of gratitude on an hourly basis over the last couple of weeks. This seems to be a Good Practice, even if nobody ever reads it.

Look for Joy! It’s everywhere! (I even saw it on a billboard yesterday, but I’m afraid it might have been a Pepsi ad.)

One response to “Watching out for Joy”

  1. It’s always about perspective, babe. I’m getting slowly better at reframing to the “why this is good” as opposed to “why this is bad” perspective.

    Love you.