Poem: Hidden Knowledge

Hidden Knowledge

In a clearing in the woods
On a cliff overlooking the ocean
In a cave in the mountains
Someone waits.

She has the answer you seek,
In the hut,
In the cottage,
In the cave

You would not notice her
If you passed her in the street.
She has mastered the art of
Blending In,
Along with a dozen other Wisdoms,
Both ancient and modern.

But if you seek her earnestly,
Let down your guard enough
to see through her drab glamour,
you will find her.

There, in her cottage, she will say,
Shuffling toward you
With the already-brewed pot,
“Yes, yes. I’ve been expecting you.
I have just the thing, over here.
Give me a minute.”

She will tell you a Story as she
riffles through the books,
rambling, murmuring.
“No. Not quite the one.
Oh… I remember this… (staring off into the distance)
Ah, yes. Here it is.” (Tap, tap, tap…)

Listen to the story. You will need it

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