Category: Poems

  • Voila! Instant Art!

    I’m taking a Coursera course about art concepts, and this week the assignment was to create an environmental installation piece. Since I had it up, photographed, and down within 10 minutes, I felt that I should share it more broadly… give it a chance to breathe, as it were. So, without further ado, Garden Party!…

  • Poem: My Missing Skin

    I think I left my skin somewhere. How else to explain This longing, yearning To return to the sea the sky the land To crawl through the undergrowth Belly-ground touching, Scales tingling with Anticipation Oh, to eat Unencumbered To fly, knowing that This is all there is! To leap, fully alive, From the depths and…

  • Poem: Hidden Knowledge

    Hidden Knowledge In a clearing in the woods On a cliff overlooking the ocean In a cave in the mountains Someone waits. She has the answer you seek, In the hut, In the cottage, In the cave You would not notice her If you passed her in the street. She has mastered the art of…

  • Another Poem

    I swear I will get back to prose some day. But the poems are waking me up. So I write them down. Sometimes, The Wind Sometimes when I leave my home Triumphant, With six things perfectly balanced, The door is torn from my hand And I rail. The wind, the wind! It is a character…

  • A Poem for Perspective

    The Dawn of Understanding (I Hope) At the point of urgency, The call to action, When I Know that Everything I’ve done until Now Has been mere Preparation for this Moment It happens that I Stop. And I realize that Those moments of mere Preparation, were (in their time) the Most Important Thing.

  • Poem: Grown-up School

    Grown-Up School “I must have missed this day,” I think, Trying to coax sugar-water, Peanut butter, Mashed banana into my daughter’s sick Rat. I think that, sometimes. Maybe a sick day cost me The essential knowledge of How to find my Right Life, Retrieve my missing Socks, or Live with the consequences of Breaking someone’s…

  • Poem: By The Highway

    By The Highway On the rock wall Sheer, Crazed, lined with vertical scars Remnants of the process (designed, coldly) by which tons of rock ancient beyond reckoning were blasted away The bleary, beery late night spray-job echoes back the builders’ desperate anonymous scrawl: I was here.

  • Poem: When I Die

    Oddly enough, this was written in one of my better moods. When I Die Do not mark my passage with marble, No. Turn towards the light. Do not hold my bones hostage In iron and lead Or cage my form in a chemical bath. These atoms are not me. Where I am going, No body…

  • Poem: Advice from the Inner Critic

    Advice from the Inner Critic Love?!? Love’s been done to death. Nobody’s had anything new to say In 60 generations. And how do you plan to avoid The cheese-traps, Running mouse-like through The maze of metaphors? No. Best to steer clear, Dance around the edges. Leave love to the experts.

  • Poem: Liberation

    Cast off the shackles of belonging. There is no You to hide from There is only perfect knowledge of Beauty and Truth Cloaked in 7000 generations of catastrophe

  • Poem: With Apologies to Erica Jong

    With Apologies to Erica Jong… And our other foremothers who spent our childhoods storming the gates of power so that when we came of age, they would stand open, gaping before us, beckoning. And to my sisters who ran with me towards the maw, firmly convinced that this. This. was the key to it all.…

  • Poem: The Morning After

    The Morning After… Awaking in a rented bed The morning after the Wedding He gazes upon his Newly Minted Bride “Do you take cream in your coffee?” he poses “I do,” she replies and Grins