Poem: Calling in…

For a change of pace: Bad beat poetry about universities.

Calling in…

I’m too tired.
And my chest hurts anyway.
And somehow I just don’t care.

About your priorities,
And all your pet projects,
And the fact that you guys just can’t
Get it together.

So you’ll buy a $60,000 multimedia
Whiz-bang high def
No sound system and
No Brain.
How is this my problem?
Just because you spent more on that stupid machine
Than you’ll pay 4 grad students for their souls this year.

You had my heart for
15 years
But I’m beginning to think it’s a
Fool’s Game.

When “everybody” started getting a degree,
You just started needing a degree to do…

Grade inflation?!?
98% of WHAT, exactly?
And how does it do the world any
For us to make sure that
30% of our students are so
Beaten down
That they never get what they came here for?
And so many of the rest
Never want to read or think again
[Even though they can’t help themselves.]

What if…

Our graduates weren’t bitter and
Got jobs that let them think and
Knew the value of human decency and
Loved their bodies and
Found at least one idea every month that
Made their eyes light up?


I might be able to care enough to
Come in today.