Everything's A-OKI am giving myself permission.
I give myself permission to shine, to wear clothes that make me feel beautiful, to take up space, to speak.
I may write and publish whatever my whim carries without concern about “branding.” I may put art in my Etsy store and philosophy on my blog and code in The Project all on the same day. I may write about physics and sociology and parenting or make podcasts about magic as it strikes my fancy.
I have permission to brag about my accomplishments.
I may demand healthy food, regular walks, and movement. I allow myself the space for asana and meditation practices that benefit nobody but myself. I play with my children, watch silly movies with my partner, and make art even when I don’t know what it is good for.
I may use the same page of my planner two days in a row when I overestimate what I can get done in one.
I may make bad art. I may make good art. I may make art that is merely beautiful and makes no other claims on reality.
I may write hokey poetry. I may write poetry that makes me cry, and choose not to share it.
I have permission to fail at things for as long as it takes to find out what it is that I’m trying to find out by doing it. I have permission to succeed. I have permission to define my terms of success.
I will use my own experience, not external indicators, as the measure of whether I am done with things.
Join me! What do you give yourself permission for?

4 responses to “Permission”

  1. I give myself permission to be travelling down a few roads, not really sure where each one will lead, and that’s ok.
    I give myself permission to be confident in the work I have created, now that the doors are opening for me to take it up fully.
    I allow the universe to guide me, and open doors.
    I allow myself to learn, and take time, and give permission to not be sure how everything will turn out.
    I give permission and allow my body to receive the child in our family, if there is one to join us, and to nurture and grow it.

  2. What a refreshing read. ☺
    I give myself permission to listen to the birds from my bedroom window in the morning. I give myself permission to say no to requests that will overstretch me. I may write imperfectly and share what I write on my blog (or not) and not think about whether anyone else is reading. I may take a whole day off if I choose, because the Universe will not stop without me.