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  • A Better World

    A Better World

    I have two main offers. On the one hand, I talk about tech ethics with companies and organizations. On the other, I do the foundational work of coming to terms with our places in the world. Here’s how those two things come together.

  • What Technology Does

    What Technology Does

    We cannot do no harm. We can only be selective about what harm we do. Whose values and needs we prioritize, what systems of power we support and create, which injuries (to people, cultures, or environments) we accept and which we concern ourselves with.

  • On Meaningful Work

    On Meaningful Work

    Why do I always follow up my plans for doing my writing with, “once I get my house in order?” A perusal of productivity books by men and women gives me some insight.

  • Rebellion! Doing things for their own sake.

    Rebellion! Doing things for their own sake.

    How do you decide, of all the infinite things you could be doing, what you should do? What if… you just did things you wanted to do?

  • I Would Still Plant a Tree

    I Would Still Plant a Tree

    We can imagine the future, but we can’t predict it. Planting a tree is a gesture of hope that leaves something better in our wake.

  • Everyday Chaos – A Book Review

    Our existing processes and structures are not explicable, and… it is (perhaps?) unfair to demand that AI be more transparent than what we already have. But I still find myself wondering how complex we can allow systems to get and still expect people to be able to function in them.

  • Your (My) True Calling

    I had so much success with last year’s projects prompted by Quest 2016, that I’ve decided to do it again. Join us at Today’s prompt is from Krista Tippett (1). As the host of On Being, she challenges us regularly to consider the mysteries of human existence. “What is your vocation, your sense of callings…

  • My Imaginary Life

    We always held that books contain ideas, and ideas need air to survive. I come from a long line of wandering tinker/librarians. We roamed from town to town in our horse-drawn wagons full of books, bringing the mysteries of life to all who needed them. It was a non-agrarian life, but we were well-versed in…

  • Permission

    I am giving myself permission.   I give myself permission to shine, to wear clothes that make me feel beautiful, to take up space, to speak. I may write and publish whatever my whim carries without concern about “branding.” I may put art in my Etsy store and philosophy on my blog and code in…

  • Two Stories

    Quest2016 Prompt #12 What’s the story you most desire to bring to life in 2016? What’s the story your just-right client most desires to bring to life in 2016? Where do your two stories overlap? Today’s (okay, technically last month’s) prompt comes via Jen Louden, a wise sage, and generally helpful for providing guides to living.…

  • Maybe It Isn’t A Race?

    It takes bravery to know your strengths and operate diligently within them. Are you running your race, or someone else’s? #Quest2016 from Tracking Wonder Quest. Today’s prompt from Todd Henry, author of Die Empty. Oooh. Ouch. Let me take a sideways wander here, over into the land of board games. My family and many of…

  • My Best Work

    Which element of your best work do you most want to #amplify this year? Instead of considering simply doing more work, take the time to consider which elements of your work would most light you up to amplify. What’s holding you back from amplifying it? Is it that obscure little thing no one will care about?…