A Better World

sign that says "make this world better"

We need to learn how to share knowledge and our inner worlds in ways that make the outer world more beautiful, kinder, and easier to navigate.

Compassionate and skilled human agents need to seize not just the means of production, but sense-making itself.

A system which cannot pull itself back from the brink of destruction, when the signs are all around us, is not adapted to the reality we inhabit.

It. Must. Change.

This is not a call for philosopher kings or technocrats. It is, rather, an invitation to do the work that you long to.

We need new approaches to navigating a complex world.

First, we need to remember the value of collaboration, cooperation, and community. We cannot continue to pretend that human beings are individual competitive agents maximizing their own benefit. We are members of a community that is stronger when it provides mutual care and support.

Next, and most importantly, we need to constrain the growth of our systems.

Which means that we need to design and accept the consequences of feedback loops, even (especially) when it means that we need to slow down.

One of the main observations of my work is that “branding issues” (in essence) hold us back from making our lives into the complex works of art that they long to be. (Technically, “professionalism,” but that’s pretty much a branding problem.)

So I have hit a giant reset button on my web presence.

I’m bringing all of my properties under the banner of my own name, “branding issues,” be damned.

My two Offers to the World

On the one hand, and most obviously, I work on ethics in technology (broadly defined) because I have a deep passion for the topic, and I am keenly conscious of the ways in which our technological development have placed us in a situation of global metabolic overshoot.

On the other hand, it looks like I’m talking about personal growth – but at every point my underlying point is that we need courage and political acumen to bring about desperately needed changes in the relationship between the built environment and the natural world.

I work with technical professionals because they are in positions to make these changes. And also, because I am one.

I understand your work, and your drive, and your goals. I know the tension between making revenue and doing good. I can help you bridge the gap.

If you want help building a company that builds a better world, book a call.