Habits that Support Your Growth

This week, I talked about habits in my FB Live video. In it, I suggested three ways to set up your habit trackers to improve the probability of success. These derive from my own experience of So Many Years of using other people’s planners with only middling success, but also from Read more

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A Peaceful Mindset

There is No “They”

Let us leave aside, permanently, the possibility that you can do something that everybody will agree on. Who are you trying to impress? Who are you afraid of? When you say, “they” say, who is the formless, nameless “they” referring to? Doctors? Experts? Your parents or your teachers? The other Read more

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Get In Tune

What Do You Want?

How many of you have done visioning sessions? How many of you found yourself saying, “Well, I don’t really know what I want”? I’ve been writing about this a lot recently – in the book I’m working on, but also in today’s newsletter. Here, an introduction to the problem, a nod Read more

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Tuesday Tuneups

Finding the Intelligent Edge

“Just challenging enough, where you are in no danger of injuring yourself, but you’re a little outside of your comfort zone.” Strategies for taking this principle off the mat and becoming more aware of the point that you are approaching your limits in daily living. Also, backing off at that Read more

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Let Your Life Speak

This week, I’m adding Saturday Storytime, in which I will make recommendations of books, with excerpts. This week’s book is Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer. This lovely wee book has been influential in my thinking about callings and vocation, and I think everybody needs a copy on Read more

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