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  • 8 Good Reasons to Help Build your Local Economy

    8 Good Reasons to Help Build your Local Economy

    (That aren’t carbon) I admit that I’ve been trying to frame this argument for months. I am going to publish this in the middle of the thinking, because I’d rather discuss the imperfectly formed ideas than hold onto them for another several months. I started a brief flurry of activity on LinkedIn last fall, recording…

  • A Better World

    A Better World

    I have two main offers. On the one hand, I talk about tech ethics with companies and organizations. On the other, I do the foundational work of coming to terms with our places in the world. Here’s how those two things come together.

  • What Technology Does

    What Technology Does

    We cannot do no harm. We can only be selective about what harm we do. Whose values and needs we prioritize, what systems of power we support and create, which injuries (to people, cultures, or environments) we accept and which we concern ourselves with.