Winter Has Been Reading Dylan Thomas

That’s the only possible explanation. I had to park my van on the plastic on the south side of the greenhouse while I trundled 12 loads of concrete blocks down from the back of the property to place along the edge… y’know. In place of the van that I’m going to need for getting to work this afternoon. [Edit: Here are pictures, now that the camera can talk to the computer again.]

Using the van as deadweight

Then I came into the house and discovered that the gate on the back deck was swinging free because it had shifted the iron chair that has been sitting on it for the last 10 months. With a vengeance, is all I can say. (And while I was sitting here writing this wee post, the queen sized futon mattress that I put out for large garbage pick up blew out into the middle of the road. When we get wind, we get WIND!)

To place this in context, two weeks ago, I was swimming in the river. Technically. It wasn’t going to win any awards.
[Edit: I said there were photos!]
Swimming in the Mira April 4
(The guy is one of the ‘real’ librarians. The mad one.)

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