Well, That Blows

Today’s post: a little more with the practical, a little less with the dilettante.

Yesterday morning was entirely consumed with attempting to rescue the greenhouse from the dying throes of winter. Despite nigh-Herculean efforts, we were not successful.

My Flat Greenhouse

However, I think we kept our cool throughout most of the situation, and I was able to remain on top of my emotions, ranging only as high as disgruntled, with a brief foray into demoralized. I went to the farmers market this morning; this is the market at which I sell my wares when I have them. I told my sad tale to my two farming friends, and the first one said, “Oh, yeah. That’s why mine is attached to my house.” The second said, “Yeah, we’ve lost three.” And when I told him that it was only staying in place while the car was parked on it, he told me that’s how they keep theirs from blowing away also. I came away feeling somewhat better, and preparing to once more tackle the greenhouse problem… after my farming partner returns from Ontario. Clearly the hoop-house is every bit the problem I expected it to be in a climate that experiences gale-force winds on a bi-weekly basis. In the meanwhile, I will plant what I can, and pick up some of the smaller jobs that have been lying about neglected.

I think the sewing machine will figure prominently in the remainder of the day. I have a pair of PJ’s that is only waiting for the sleeves to be attached, and I have to get started on some summer clothes for the girl-child. The older boy-child has kindly turned out to be the next size down from one of the other farm-kids hereabouts, which means that pants may be in our future. I am all about the hand-me-downs… except that I do like the score of a sweet pair of jeans from the thrift store. (I’m wearing a pair now.) I also have two sweaters in mid-knit, and a door to install on my studio. (exterior door with window – large garbage pick-up) The living room needs to be painted, but first needs some drywall touch-ups. I did finish reading my most recent “By Its Cover” book, so a review is in the offing. If the wind ever stops, I do need to pick up the cover from the greenhouse. And I was going to work on some query letters. Gee. I’m tired just reading that list.

Oh, well. One thing at a time.