Aging, Wrinkles and True Love

Although Sundays are not going to become Stan Rogers day, here is another.

I’ve been seeing the wrinkles on my face progressing over the last few years, in a way that is becoming less forgiving every year. It used to mean that I was stressed, or dehydrated, but they are becoming my everyday companion. Here is my first draft/quickie on the subject from last night.

The Daily News

Yesterday is on my face this morning
The furrowed brow of
that line between the brows that
sparks worry and
reinforces itself.

Forehead lines of eyebrows raised:
Am I that often

The downturned
mouth, neutral
but somehow looking
dour. Stern.
Doesn’t look like me.

He reaches out for the
“Crinkles, ” he smiles.
And I smile back,
penning a better story
For tomorrow’s edition.

And Stan’s beautiful song about aging and true love: (it still makes me cry)

3 responses to “Aging, Wrinkles and True Love”

  1. …but it sounds complete, as a Pt. I! Perhaps it needs a larger context but that’s entirely up to you. Or the poem…you know how they can be!

    Anyway, I like this.

  2. I love your poem and the way you communicate about the person you see in the mirror–asking questions. Nice work.

    Made me think of my own hard time relating to my image at 58, but lately I’ve been telling myself I really did create this image of me in the way I’ve lived and I need to respect myself and my life. But, dang, it’s hard growing old!

    Glad to find your blog.