What I Watch Instead of TV*

I was looking for a photo for today’s post, when I realized that the entire set of photos was a pretty good idea of my day. Yesterday, I caught myself staring at the solar panels, watching the reflections of the clouds and the thin film interference. I mentioned to my husband that I can watch the solar panels longer than I can tolerate most TV programs, and we agreed that this might reflect a problem with my ability to relate to the majority of the world.

(There are pause and forward/back buttons if you hover the mouse cursor over the slideshow)


* We last had cable in 1996, and the TV receiver stopped getting any channels at all about 2 years ago.


4 responses to “What I Watch Instead of TV*”

  1. Impressive! My husband will never get rid of TV, especially since he recently purchased a 62″ flat screen. I try to limit my daughters’ TV time as much as possible and I think it’s working. Though my older daughter does want to watch one movie per day (sometimes) I noticed my younger daughter hardly even looks at the TV when it’s on. Personally I only watch TV when they’re sleeping and even then I don’t really pay much attention. I prefer to watch my children most of the time 🙂

  2. You take lovely photos. Also, I would like to get rid of the TV, but then that would mean no baseball. Not that I watch much baseball these days. Plus, the Red Sox have not yet won a game this season (WTF?). OK, there’s a longer story lurking in there about how I am probably going to have to give up baseball one of these days.

    This comment was supposed to be short. I’m supposed to be working. I also have much to say on your previous post, but first I have to “meet” this deadline (already missed, actually) and then head to sesshin.

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love the solar panel rainbows and the fire and the ice and it’s just so beautiful. Who needs/wants TV? Thanks.

  4. Too funny! What I watch instead of television is the animal show. Years ago, it was the cats, now it’s the dogs. I love watching them play and interact. And they make me laugh so much!

    With today’s photos I tried to snap them running wildly in the yard – all I got was some out of focus dogs. But it was still fun.

    I’ll come watch “TV” with you any day!


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