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  • Voila! Instant Art!

    I’m taking a Coursera course about art concepts, and this week the assignment was to create an environmental installation piece. Since I had it up, photographed, and down within 10 minutes, I felt that I should share it more broadly… give it a chance to breathe, as it were. So, without further ado, Garden Party!…

  • Wordless Wednesday: Playing Science

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

  • Catching Up (1)

    I have reached the “avoiding the heat in southern Ontario” stage of the trip. It’s not yet nine o’clock, and it is already too hot to do anything outside. The trailer is fairly cool, but the house we are visiting is not air conditioned, so we are sitting in front of the fan and wilting.…

  • What the Internet is Really For

    Everybody keeps telling me that it’s all about the cats. [slideshow] Feel free to generate LOL captions.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: One

    For the Weekly Photo Challenge

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

    In which I totally cheat, reuse an existing photo, and go so far as to backdate my entry. Oh, the shame of it all!

  • What I Watch Instead of TV*

    I was looking for a photo for today’s post, when I realized that the entire set of photos was a pretty good idea of my day. Yesterday, I caught myself staring at the solar panels, watching the reflections of the clouds and the thin film interference. I mentioned to my husband that I can watch…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

    Solar panel with clouds, shadow, and cat footprints

  • Goings On

    A Photo roundup of the week in these parts:   Crocodiles in the pie plates   Penguins on patrol:   Cat on patrol   Next to our favourite rock:   And everything is A-OK.      

  • Coal and Wind

    Where we went when he asked for the beach on a blustery day: The rail car in the front is an old coal car. The windmills in the background adjoin the Lingan coal-burning power plant, the largest power plant in Nova Scotia. The old schoolhouse is now the visitor information centre, at least in the…

  • My Exact Words Were…

    So I said, ” As long as the peas are staked by the time I get home, I don’t care if there is a giant pair of pants in my front yard…”