Urban Homesteading, Rural Interneting

… I’m afraid that the subtitle is, “Why we have no soap movie today.”

Today, people are peppering the blogosphere with posts about their Urban Homesteading projects. I spent a significant portion of the morning making a movie about making soap, but each 1 minute segment takes about 20 minutes to upload, and I am flying to Toronto this evening. I had grand plans, scuppered by technology. Suffice it to say that there will be a soapmaking movie sometime later in the week.

The Facebook page that I wrote about on Thursday now has 4000 members. It didn’t exist before Wednesday. It is very exciting to see such a new and dynamic thing arise. They are writing a wide range of blog posts which are listed on the page. Please check them out for updates from the world of urban homesteading.

But I’m afraid that what has got me today is this internet thing. I hadn’t really realized how tight the restrictions are until I tried to make this movie. It’s about half an hour long, and it turned out to be about 1GB in size, or what the powers that be in Canada deem to be $45 worth of data. Or, if I’m not willing to pay $45 to upload this tiny movie, I can take 20 minutes per minute or about… 10 hours. Which is why you don’t have a movie about soap today.

Here is a teaser, though:


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