There are silver linings, really there are

On the plus side, the four hours of repacking I’ve done today have been rendered much more a) urgent, and b) effective by the necessity of abandoning the rental car a day earlier than expected. I had vain hopes of being able to consolidate our carryings into something amenable to taking the bus. To that I say, “Ha!” In our initial configuration, we were physically incapable of lifting all our belongings at the same time, set aside completely all delusions of being able to board a city bus. So to the coach line we went, which (fortuitously, I suppose) has the same weight limit for checked bags as the airline that is to carry us homeward in two days. I say fortuitously (I suppose) because I had the “opportunity” to spend the hour before the bus departed trimming the excess 18 pounds from the largest bag, as well as discovering what my kids can carry. (Not as much as I might have hoped, but as much as can be reasonably expected.) ($100 instead of $40 for the end-to-end trip, but they kept the much-too-heavy luggage the whole time we were on the ferry and we didn’t have to think about it again until we were in Vancouver.)

Let me just say that this process has been rendered significantly simpler by the addition of a kitchen in which we can sort, eat, and clean up. It has also been a marvelous place to kick back and completely trash our previous several weeks of efficient packing. The clothes are spread around the entire floor, the toys and books are in “hmmm… how much do we REALLY want this” piles, and a donation box has been delivered. It included the hammer. (After working with the tent pads in this province, I stand by my decision to pack the hammer in the first place, but really, you can get that exact hammer on 70% off sale at Canadian Tire every six weeks or so.)

However, let me also say that you can’t save money by staying at the UBC residences if you have to take a cab from the downtown to get there, since it is a $30 fare each way… which difference would have put me in a suite at one of the fanciest hotels in the downtown core, even if Expedia didn’t have my back. I know because that’s what I’ve got for tomorrow night (certain decisions were made in the absence of sufficient data, or we would be there tonight as well.) My oldest child is intimidated. We’re more the “no amenities in the bush” kind of travelers, but it should make an interesting change. Pit toilets on Gabriola Island to upscale KOA to UBC residence to $Something Plaza. 30 stories. I anticipate dodgy looks when I walk in with backpacks and a hockey bag.

At least this place has showers, although it’s too late for my feet. But I did get the spruce gum off of them. 8)

I found myself singing “Oh bla di, oh bla da, life goes on, ya” the whole time I was repacking at the bus terminal.  The best part about being a writer: either it’s success or it’s material. That’s what I always say. Also, it’s only money. Also, I sure hope somebody needs some good help for the fall season.* All dilettante-ing aside, I do actually know a lot about SOME things. Booking urban travel may not be one of them.

* Instructional design my specialty. Unless you need an expert in engineering education, which is my real specialty.


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