The Living Earth

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The Living Earth: A Meditation in Science and Reverence

For a moment today, she asks you to pause, to experience her directly.

Take a deep breath; this atmosphere that keeps us alive, warm (compared to space), cool (compared to Venus), and protected from the vagaries that roam the solar system, pitting the surfaces of other planets, and scorching them with radiation. Breathe out and nourish the plants that share this planet, our brothers in breathing. Exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale. This is the action that separates the living from the dead. Pause to appreciate it.

Pour yourself a glass of cool clear water. Drink. Splash your fingers in a pond, or a creek, or a puddle. This water that flows over, around, and through your body has been here for billions of years and will sustain the living for billions of years more. These atoms have passed through the bodies of whales, the walls of cells, and the rock that lies beneath your feet. They, like you, were born in cosmic fire. They are not always water; sometimes they are ice, or snow. Sometimes, they become part of a moving body for a time, before returning to the living earth. We live in a magic place in the universe, where water can flow, can form ice, and can float about in vaporous trails. Rare indeed, this triple-point. One of the blessings of our planet. Pause to appreciate it.

Take a step outside during this day and look up. It is light. This sun that shines on us gives us the energy we are made from. The plants drink it in, draw in the air and draw up the nutrients from the soil, and food is born. (It is not living to be food, but food it becomes, nonetheless.) This is the truth: we are solar powered, born in sunlight to a living planet. The warmth of the sun drives the wind, drives the water cycle, pulls water uphill to run back down. Even the coal, gas, and oil that we burn are captured sunlight, stored through the ages. Recognize our place in the cosmos, the fact that we burn, that the spark of life is in each of us, and in the world around us. Pause to appreciate it.

Sit upon the ground. Place your hands in the earth. Plant a seed. Smell the soil. This, too, is alive. This soil beneath our feet, like our bodies, is a teeming ecosystem. These bacteria work together with plants to capture the nitrogen from the air. These ones break down old leaves to free their bodies for the next round of life. These ones keep the fungus at bay. Pick up a rock and wonder at the ages upon ages that it took to grow, to smooth into this round pebble, or fracture into these sharp shards… how it came to be where it is sitting. The atoms that form this rock were born in the heart of a dying star, billions of years gone by. Pause to appreciate it.

This earth, this planet, is an accretion of star dust and ash, drawn together in this moment in a magical blaze of consciousness. You are a part of a symphony so vast as to be utterly inconceivable. This planet is a majesty of the universe. Just for a moment, pause.

Pause to glory in it.

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22 responses to “The Living Earth”

  1. Beautifully written.

    I have taken up running as a hobby, and most recently I have taken up trail running. I have seen the most amazing sights while alone on the trails – a pair of Cardinals courting, a swollen stream rushing through the forest, the first signs of spring in a patch of daffodils peeking uncertainly through the earth. Sometimes I have to stop running just to listen, to observe, to inhale, and to take it all in.

    It is easy to forget just how beautiful our home is when we spend our days on concrete slabs.

  2. Gorgeous – gosh, the posts in this carnival are SO meaningful and making me well up. EVERY day should be earth day, right and each day we should pause, reflect and just wonder at this Universe – thanks so much for the reminder to slow down and take time to connect.

  3. So, so inspiring! I love this bit, “This is the truth: we are solar powered, born in sunlight to a living planet.” It’s easy to forget how connected we are to this cycle of life – thank you for the reminder to pause and remember how very connected I am!

  4. Inspiring and eloquent post. Today we planted seeds, played in the sprinkler, and went for a run. And it’s all because of you! When our tomatoes, courgettes, and cucumbers are ready to eat, you are invited to come for a meal. 🙂

    • Oooh! I’m so glad it inspired you. We’ll be pleased to join you for a meal if we can figure out a way to cross that ocean.

  5. I am speechless and breathless. What a powerful, thought provoking post. It really awakened my mind’s eye. Your words are powerful and inspiring. You embody Earth Day. I have this printed and will be using it frequently as I connect with, savor, and rejoice in our mama earth!

  6. FB weirdness isn’t letting me comment on posts; I can only post new material (I have a **very old*** computer with a no longer supported OS, and that could be the problem. It stopped letting me do FB chat over a year ago.

    Anyway… I soooooooo loved this, Seonaid. It speaks to my heart, soul and to who I am and my “W”ork (with a capital W) in the world. To help others know exactly what you have written there. Thank you!!!

  7. This is incredibly beautiful, heartfelt and true. Oh if only we let the magnificence of our planet and life penetrate our minds and hearts on a daily basis…how can we fuss, fight, destroy when the truth is we are all made from stars? I’m going to print this and place it in my home for myself and others to read. I love Earth meditations and this one was truly special. Thank-you for being part of the Earth Day Blog Carnival.

    • Feel free to pick a fancy font for it! 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words; this is one of those things that seems to come “through” me rather than from me, so I am happy that it is being well-received.

  8. This is so beautiful, Seonaid! Thank you so much for sharing this meditation. It’s so important to remind ourselves frequently that the Earth is a living, BREATHING entity that we need to care for as such. Thanks again.