Signs of Spring

1. We can find the remaining firewood (it’s all in disarray because we finally had to get the plow in, and it was by the edge of the driveway):

2. Sliding now involves an actual slide:

3. The garden beds are reappearing. We’re thinking cranberries:

4. The annual construction season has started:

5. Dreams of leek and potato soup are at hand:

6. And, the piece de resistance… Proof positive that one of the hives has survived the winter:

9 responses to “Signs of Spring”

    • Oh, I figured. We had a blizzard at the end of April last year. And we’ve had frost in the last week of May (or Jun 1) every year since I got here.

    • I might be willing to forgive daylight savings time this year, coming as it has at the beginning of March Break. Usually I get snagged on the “getting up in the dark again” part. Realistically, we have 11 more weeks of frost here, but the possibility of spring is tantalizing.

      • Once upon a time I disliked the beginning of DST, too, because once upon a time I was a long-distance runner who got up early to run in the park before work. But now I am the mama of a child who tends to wake with the sun, and so the later sunrise is just fine with me!

  1. My wife works at the national honey board. I’m just pleased to see that not all colony’s are having trouble with the colony collapse disorder. So your ‘very bad’ is really good to me!

    • Oh. Well, I have kept them alive for three winters now, so I guess by comparison I’m doing fairly well. I just haven’t gotten any honey from them. And I had swarming problems in the first year. And my split failed in the second summer, so my second colony didn’t raise a new queen successfully. And I’m afraid of the bees, so I hyperventilate when I have to work with them (which is the real problem.) But they look pretty happy, all things considered.