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  • Signs of Spring

    1. We can find the remaining firewood (it’s all in disarray because we finally had to get the plow in, and it was by the edge of the driveway): 2. Sliding now involves an actual slide: 3. The garden beds are reappearing. We’re thinking cranberries: 4. The annual construction season has started: 5. Dreams of…

  • Roadtrip Metaphor (Remixed)

    I am not home. Fortunately, I am holed up in a motel in Aberdeen, Cape Breton. There is a motivational poster above my head that says, “Destiny.” I don’t quite know how to interpret that. I was caught by a storm. It’s not that I didn’t know a storm was coming; it’s that it wasn’t…

  • Winter Wordless Wednesday

    January Sunset One Snowfall (the table was empty before the storm): Digging out the solar panels: I found myself dreaming of summer:

  • Winter Evergreen

    Outside my back door:

  • Working Joe

    Today, I woke up with one of my favourite Stan Rogers songs stuck in my head. I found a great rendition by his daughter (so they tell me!) on YouTube, so here you go! Beth Rogers, singing “Working Joe”… although I title it “Lazy Winter Afternoons” in my own head. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZVZH0Ti1ZU] Tomorrow: On the problem…