On Feeling OK

Hey, guys.


That woman up there… she knows how to write code. She also knows how to have hard conversations, comfort the hurt, love whole-heartedly, and solve astonishingly difficult physics equations. She has climbed mountains, floated a flower down the Ganges, ridden a mountain bike down a ski hill, and written words that made people cry. She has birthed and nursed babies, sung people’s praises, and sung harmony. She has taught calculus, how to count, and how to use meditation to navigate and appreciate an ever-changing world. She… she’s actually pretty awesome.

I woke up yesterday suddenly feeling beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, and loved… and then when I wanted to tell somebody, I realized that we live in a world in which I am embarrassed to admit that I am not only happy with my life, but happy with myself. I said it out loud in a small space, but I wanted to (and was encouraged to) say it out loud on a broader stage.

I am happy with my body, comfortable with food, pleased with what I have learned and what I can make, confident that I can do what needs to be done, and joyful in my relationships. And I’m only 43! Think what I’ll be able to do with another 40 years! (I sure hope I get another 40 years.)

Nothing changed. The world when I woke up was the same one I went to bed with. But somehow, magically, I felt OK.

This is a phenomenal place to be, and I wish that everybody got to wake up feeling this way on a regular basis… heck! Let’s aim for every day!

Please let me extend to you my sincere hope that you will wake up tomorrow feeling amazing. And the day after that… and the day after that…

Bright Blessings, Love, and Joy!
AKA Quest
AKA Auspicious Light (I’m not even joking. That’s actually one of the names I’ve been given in this lifetime. By somebody else, no less!)

P.S. Please tell me all the ways in which you are awesome!

One response to “On Feeling OK”

  1. Beautiful Seonaid – you ARE awesome… and so am I. Though I sometimes feel shy about saying so, there are several things about me that I’m truly proud of. First, I am a wonderful mother. I put that first because it’s most awesome – and awe-inspiring – to me. I’m blessed by a heart that is always searching to be kinder, more loving and generous. I’m a pretty good writer and spiritual counselor who, my clients tell me, is making a difference in their lives – which is such a gift TO me, for they are all truly awesome. I’m an almost certified (and yet, already awesome) yoga teacher, a mystic poet and a truly inspired cook. I look forward to discovering more layers of awesome in myself and in the world around me. Everyday, another conversation with awe is here.