New Year? Already?

I hear there was some holiday in the last couple of weeks. We were up to our ears in kids lying around the house, board games, and trees covered in sparkling lights, so apparently I missed a flurry of posts.

Ha ha, right. Seriously? I have gotten to the point that I resent the way that the entire month of December has become eaten by the consumption monster, and the ways in which I got sucked into it. I’m tired of this conversation that starts around Dec 3: “Are you ready yet?” I flurried for the entire month, kept saying, “This is good enough,” and then going back out into the fray for one more round. In the end, my youngest summed it up beautifully. On Christmas Eve, I overheard him say to Auntie (that would be my sister) on the phone, “Oh, no. We don’t need Santa to come. We’ve got plenty of presents.” And I turned around and looked under the tree, and he was right.

And some time in the middle of the day the next day, the kids ran out of steam, and everything after that was superfluous. Let us have hope that I have learned something from this.

On the plus side, I did not blow the budget, and there is not a pile of scary bills waiting in the mailbox. And hopefully, I will come up with an actual New Year’s post sometime before February.