My Embarassing Inventory

Ooooh! Shiny new fridge. Restocking shiny new fridge involves pulling out the contents of the old fridge.

I discover:

  • 3 jars of pesto
  • 2 jars each of
    • black olive tapenade
    • capers
    • pear chutney
    • baby dills
    • black sesame seeds
    • umeboshi plums
    • mincemeat, one of which I just opened last night.
  • 5 containers of olives, 3 of which are Kalamata
  • one third of a jar of artichoke hearts (about two tablespoons)
  • three jars of preserves containing less than a tablespoon in each. It wasn’t me. That is all I have to say about that.
  • 3 tiny chunks of parmesan cheese, each in a separate bag
  • A jar with the date 2003 on it, which means we must have moved it from the old house in 2006.
  • 2 extra pounds of butter
  • Half a pound of shortening, which we don’t cook with. This perplexed me until I realized that it was for soapmaking.
  • Six dozen eggs, which isn’t a surprise, but a marketing problem

And the piece de resistance:

  • A jar with a question mark written on top of it in my husband’s handwriting, in permanent ink


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