Might Be Good For Something-itis

The handle came off the kettle this morning:

My husband said, “Maybe this would be a good time to get that electric kettle we’ve been talking about [for the last several years, on account of electric kettles are more efficient, I’ve heard.]”

“Sure,” I said. “But I think I’ve got a handle that will do the job around here somewhere.”

And I did:

The reason that I had this spare handle is that when I put new handles on my dresser, I accidentally ordered two extra. The rest of them are being used thus:

So I showed it to my husband, said, “Ooooh, ahhh… isn’t it pretty? Now it matches my dresser.”

There was a moment of self-congratulation on my resourcefulness, and the fact that I had managed to put my hands on the spare knob, on account of it’s been sitting on top of my dresser for the last several years while I figured out what to do with it. And then I sighed. “You know that this is going to make things worse, right? Because now every time I try to get rid of something, my mind will throw this at me: Oh, but what about that knob? That turned out to be useful eventually. Better hold onto it, just in case.

But it really does look nice on the kettle.

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2 responses to “Might Be Good For Something-itis”

  1. You’re right, it does look nice on the kettle! But I get what you mean – I keep stuff just in case I ever need it. Luckily, once every year, husband steps in and chucks everything in the house. I love Annual Purge Day! But I also hate it…

  2. If you used the screw that came with the handle, beware, it may rust. Mine did, having done the same thing with a large dutch oven…

    Part of the reason I have the same conviction is that I worked for lots of years doing scenery and props in Southern California and the idea that it might come in handy someday is very accurate. Currently one room in my very small house is a workshop with loads of storage, power tools, trestles that double as a sewing table when they aren’t holding up wood or doors and things, paint supplies and quite a few things that might come in handy someday – old hinges, doorknobs, frames, vases, pots, statuary (the kind of things that get cycled in and out or I stop really seeing them), stackable lunch boxes with smaller things, fabric…and it generally all comes in handy. At least by the time Someday comes around.