Ice Cream Dreaming

Today’s Daily Prompt was:

Describe the unhealthiest meal you’ve ever eaten. How did you feel afterwards?

I probably can’t dredge up the True Answer to this question, being the one that could be verified by friends and family. It probably includes nachos, though. I will, nonetheless, tell you about my favourite unhealthy meal, because it is near and dear to my heart.

I am, in general, pretty good about my diet. My sister (who is now a raw-food and sprout advocate) in a past life referred to me as, “the broccoli sister.” So when I tell you that I had ice cream for dinner, it needs to be placed in context. And in this case, the context was, I had ice cream on a doughnut the size of a dinner plate. And I loved it. (In case you also want to partake in this peculiar food-like object, I believe it is generally called a funnel cake.)

What was particularly decadent about this “dinner” was the fact that I did not have to share it, I did not have to defend it, nobody looked askance at me, and because I was honest with myself about what I really wanted, I did not attempt to disguise this ridiculously large quantity of sugar and fat as dessert after eating a full meal. Let me recommend this: if you know that what you really want is dessert, just once in a long while, skip dinner. Go straight for the dessert. Because JUST dessert is usually not too much, but all of that PLUS dessert usually is. At least in my experience.

So, to what did I owe this decadent dinner-without-dinner? It was the final hedonic plank in a solo trip to Canada’s Wonderland. If you would never consider going to an amusement park alone, let me just outline the benefits: 1. No negotiation on what to do next. Three roller coasters followed by a long saunter? No problem. That crazy flippy-upside-down thingy? Sure! Drop of doom? Um… Um… OK. I guess. And nobody complains if you stand and look at it for 15 minutes before you decide. 2. No waiting around for your friends to get off the ride that they went to so that you can all decide what to do next. 3. Great opportunities for people watching when you are not having a conversation while waiting in line. 4. You know when they have one spot left on the ride, and they have to go 25 or 30 people back in the line to find the person who is willing to take it rather than ride with their friend? That could be you. 5. Also, though, sometimes its just nice to be alone in a crowd. Or at least, I enjoy it. Can be very meditative in a strange detached sort of way.

And that is how, in that bizarre adrenaline-infused meditative state, The Broccoli Sister found herself saying, “I’m at an amusement park without my children! I’m totally having ice cream for supper! And hey, throw in that giant doughnut while you’re at it.”