At the End of the Retreat

Once more, with feeling. And metaphor. And Dharma.

“And what is it that you do, exactly?”

Once more, the long-winded explanation of the intersection of technology, education, and culture that I find at the end of a twisty path. Once more the small (mildly apologetic) justifications for how/why I know the things I “know” (insofar as anybody knows anything).

“And is there a market for that?”

“Well, there’s certainly an audience for it… whether anybody is willing to pay for a critique of our relationship with technology and a different conceptualization of culture is another question entirely…”

“But, sure, you might wind up starting out for free, but eventually with printing costs… (something something something)” You have to figure out a way to get paid. (I think was the gist of it.)

“Yes.. and… (long pause)…
It doesn’t matter whether there’s a market for it. It’s my work to do.”

(And, once again, I come back to my statement about the ability of the market to determine worth: “There was no market for Sunflowers, either, but that doesn’t mean that Van Gogh shouldn’t have painted it.”)

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One response to “At the End of the Retreat”

  1. The only voice you have to ever listen to is your own. This from the confirmed mercenary & marketing geek. Ignore the questions of “is there a market for it”, honestly. This,from where I sit, gives you completion. That’s all that the universe really needs from you.