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  • Are You Really Stuck?

    Are you actually stuck, or are you unwilling to pay the price of getting yourself unstuck? (In the literal sense of “finding a place to live,” but also in the metaphorical sense.) Come for a walk with me through the snow on the second day of spring, and I shall consider what to do with…

  • Finding the Intelligent Edge

    “Just challenging enough, where you are in no danger of injuring yourself, but you’re a little outside of your comfort zone.” Strategies for taking this principle off the mat and becoming more aware of the point that you are approaching your limits in daily living. Also, backing off at that point.

  • Do One Thing

    As we approach the time of Too Many Things in the Dark of the Year, I suggest that you pick one thing to focus on for the next week – and when you are doing that thing, do only that thing. (This can be as simple as paying attention to the first few bites of…

  • When Things Don’t Go As Planned

    This week, my Tuesday Tuneup has been delayed to Wednesday due to technical difficulties. As a result, I have recorded a new video titled, “When Things Don’t Go As Planned.” Yesterday’s video will be released next Tuesday… if all goes according to plan. (Spoiler – I don’t recommend running around in circles or panicking. Includes,…

  • Tuesday Tuneup #3 – Just breathe

    Sometimes, all you can do is take a breath. But if you give yourself that moment, that breath… other things become possible. Like remembering the name of your website.