High tech/low tech

After I wrote my very long post extolling the virtues of cake (1), I went out to obtain ingredients for supper (2) and arrived home to discover that the power was out.

After a couple of minutes (3), I realized that there was an easy solution to this problem, picked up the not-cordless phone (4) and called for take-out Chinese food. Yay, civilization! Then I went down to the stream to get a couple of buckets of water so that we could flush the toilets, stoked the fire in the woodstove, and turned on my solar-powered CFL lamp in the sunroom. When the power went out the second time, after the children had been put to bed, the internet went out, but the laptop didn’t flicker, and we sat around (5) discussing the virtues of woodfired cookstoves and satellite internet.

Tonight for dinner, we had a leg of lamb which we purchased (6) from a local farmer/friend. We also had the last squash from our garden, and the tail end of last year’s snap peas. This was followed by the much-delayed cake (7), and served with RiceDream (8).

Best of both worlds, I like to think, but it’s a miracle I don’t get technological whiplash from all this back-and-forth.

  1. which is a completely inaccurate synopsis, but… whatever
  2. and to allow the children their sneaky-city-shopping trip
  3. during which I collapsed on the couch in despondency
  4. that still works even during power outages
  5. by the light of the solar-powered CFL
  6. along with the rest of the lamb
  7. made from a gluten-free mix purchased at the SuperStore
  8. because I itch from too much milk

3 responses to “High tech/low tech”

  1. I didn’t realize you’re g-free. We’re a whole family of celiacs, so we run a g/f household at present. I’m glad you got your cake! I’ve got an AMAZING chocolate cake recipe if you want to try it. Happy Birthday, again!

    • I would LOVE your cake recipe. We’ve only got one off wheat, and we’re not sure on the celiac/gluten question, b/c she’s young enough that the Drs. asked us to do an elimination diet rather than run her through the testing.

      But that means for special occasions we need to get all of us on side. 🙂

  2. Seonaid, can you please contact me by e-mail so I can send you the recipe? I can’t find an e-mail contact on your page. Thanks.