Happy Chickens

We have a small (but growing) flock of laying hens. I was all keen on the fresh eggs, but I have been surprised to find out how much I love my chickens.

They turn out to be really funny and affectionate (in a distant bird-kind-of-way). They come a-runnin’ to see what’s happening when somebody steps out the back door, and their run is comical. I have a moment of delight every time I see the chickens scurrying around or digging in the ‘chicken garden’ (a plot of land that we have left unplanted so that they have somewhere to take dustbaths without killing the beans). Most of ‘The Girls’ are Rhode Island Reds we adopted from a larger farm when they closed up operations, but we have 16 baby Golden Comets and 2 adult and 4 baby Leghorns so that we have white eggs for dying in the spring.

That’s my joy for the day: magical chickens!