Closets, Comma, Organizing Of

Of course, whenever I say that I have nothing to say on a subject, I immediately think of something to say. I’m like that. (I was going to add an “organizing” tag, but it made me laugh too hard. Let’s not go there, right?)

Regarding closets, organizing of (as opposed to closets, getting out of, which is the large post I’ve been working on since last week)… We have a completely different approach, and it made an enormous difference to the level of catastrophe in our house. Here’s my secret: we don’t use the closets. Instead, we turned over the smallest bedroom to the task of holding all the clothing and put all the dressers in there.

Blah, blah, blah… I know it looks like the "before" photo in a makeover show. You should have seen the real "before" photo.
No home decor here. Someday. Maybe. If a miracle occurs and the day sprouts 14 more hours.

As a result, everybody gets changed in the bathroom or the “dressing room”, all laundry goes straight into the sorting bins on top of the washer and dryer:

The laundry sorting facility. IKEA is our friend.

and all clean laundry goes right back into the dressing room (which happens to be right next to the washer and dryer). Sometimes the clean laundry becomes a pile the size of a baby elephant (in the words of a friend of mine), but it is a contained baby elephant.

No baby elephants here.

And it is not on my bed, which is a huge improvement over the old “solution”. On sunny days, the washer loads are diverted to the clothesline. Also, I like to fold while watching a movie, so some loads migrate to the living room, but the laundry chaos is almost controlled by this scheme. Even better, when it escapes, making a trail of laundry all the way down the hallway, it only takes a few minutes to reclaim the house. One moment of triumph! My housekeeping doesn’t completely suck!

Just don’t look at the kitchen, ‘k?

Bonus: Then we had to find something to do with the closets!

Beer! Wine! Storage for equipment!

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  1. Oh man, I would love to have a separate room for all of that – I’m so envious! My ‘dressing room’ is also my office and has my gym equipment in there. I try to be sustainable, but between you and me I’d like another couple of rooms in the house!