Category: A Peaceful Mindset

  • They Had Staff. We Have Technology.

    They Had Staff. We Have Technology.

    They had staff, but we have technology. But we need to learn to make it work for us, instead of falling prey to other people’s priorities.

  • Rhythms of the Day

    Rather than considering the “Ideal Day,” we think about what a series of days might look like in a well-lived life. Playing with the idea of rhythms, we know that we want to do more of some things, and less of others. These will add up to make a life in which more of the…

  • There is No “They”

    Let us leave aside, permanently, the possibility that you can do something that everybody will agree on. Who are you trying to impress? Who are you afraid of? When you say, “they” say, who is the formless, nameless “they” referring to? Doctors? Experts? Your parents or your teachers? The other parents at your kids’ school?…

  • You Need Whitespace!

    You need to leave space for things to happen. I know it’s tempting to fill every moment of your day with activity, creating the illusion that you are in charge. You know what is going to happen, in what order, and what the outcome is going to be. Yet thousands of years of wisdom teachings…

  • Three Practices for a World in Turmoil

    Three Practices for a World in Turmoil

    Three practices to help you clear grief and find your way back to action. I wish this post weren’t so consistently relevant.

  • Violence Diminishes Us

    This is written on the wall of my office. “Violence diminishes us.” It is a hammer where a scalpel is required. Or a suture. Or a feather. It is almost never what is called for. There is a pull to violence in us. Our egos offer this command on a regular basis: “This world is…