By Its Cover 2

On my quest to resurrect little used books and expose myself to some new authors, the next book on the list is:

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere. John McFetridge

It’s another Toronto book. That was an accident, I swear. It may just be that the obscure authors that don’t circulate are all Canadian. Could have something to do with promotion, publishing and the like. So far the books have been fairly good, so I’m not sure why… oh… Danielle Steel keeps selling so well and these just sit there (as a completely random example). [I have another post in the offing titled, “Life’s too short for Danielle Steel”].

So, the new book is crime fiction, which I’m not really all that chuffed about, but it is one of the most popular genres in the library, so I’m expanding my horizons. I guess. This one at least looks like it is more on the crime end, and less on the forensic, grisly and gruesome details end of things. It also has several mentions of humour in the reviews. Anyone in my TO readers want to join me on this one?