I can tell that the post I am working on is important by all the displacement activities I have been undertaking while avoiding it. I have been (in no particular order):

  • making my bed on a regular basis
  • doing my daily meditation
  • sorting through my old things
  • finishing off my projects that have been lying around
  • working with dedication on the complexity course I’ve been taking
  • learning a new programming language and
  • (this is the real sign of pathology) Reorganizing my bathroom cabinet.

I’ll admit that the list looks good. And the cabinet looks great.

It seriously needed it.


cabinet - before


cabinet - after

But then one of my friends (and former roommates, so somewhat better acquainted with my housekeeping habits than the random member of the internet) asked me what I was up to, and whether I had been spending too much time on UFYH (look it up, but not if you don’t like websites with rude names) and I said, “No. I’ve just… Um. I’m not entirely sure *what’s* going on, actually. It’s probably masterful procrastination, now that I think of it.”

So I did spend the day working on that post. And took this bit out of it.



3 responses to “Avoiding”

  1. Procrastination is my favorite form of denial. I get to pretend that I can magically have more time than I really do.