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  • Technology is not Science (II)

    Technology is not Science (II)

    The anti-scientific core of the Techno-Optimist Manifesto. Technology as envisaged here asks what ONLY might be – disregarding what is.

  • A Better World

    A Better World

    I have two main offers. On the one hand, I talk about tech ethics with companies and organizations. On the other, I do the foundational work of coming to terms with our places in the world. Here’s how those two things come together.

  • What Technology Does

    What Technology Does

    We cannot do no harm. We can only be selective about what harm we do. Whose values and needs we prioritize, what systems of power we support and create, which injuries (to people, cultures, or environments) we accept and which we concern ourselves with.

  • Condensed Sunlight

    Condensed Sunlight

    We are condensed sunlight, breathing condensed sunlight, basking in (not condensed) sunlight, forged in cosmic fire, conversing with stars.

  • On Meaningful Work

    On Meaningful Work

    Why do I always follow up my plans for doing my writing with, “once I get my house in order?” A perusal of productivity books by men and women gives me some insight.

  • Rebellion! Doing things for their own sake.

    Rebellion! Doing things for their own sake.

    How do you decide, of all the infinite things you could be doing, what you should do? What if… you just did things you wanted to do?

  • I Miss Blogging

    I Miss Blogging

    Do you remember when blogging was fun?

  • Is It Hard?

    Is It Hard?

    In an “Ask me Anything” moment recently, a friend asked me, “How hard is what you do?” “Hm,” I thought. “I wonder which part of ‘what I do’ we’re talking about here.” I decided to go with “Staying centred and optimistic in the face of… Everything.” Well… it was hard to learn. Actually, that’s not…

  • Amateur at Everything

    Each of has a limited number of things that we are pros at… whether those are the things we get paid for, or things that we have mastered as hobbies. Everything else (relationships, decision making, raising small people, taking care of our bodies, buying and selling cars and houses, picking a career…) is amateur hour.…

  • I Would Still Plant a Tree

    I Would Still Plant a Tree

    We can imagine the future, but we can’t predict it. Planting a tree is a gesture of hope that leaves something better in our wake.

  • They Had Staff. We Have Technology.

    They Had Staff. We Have Technology.

    They had staff, but we have technology. But we need to learn to make it work for us, instead of falling prey to other people’s priorities.

  • We Need Your Best Work

    I’ve been working on a project (or three) for a loooong time, of which this page is only a part. I started off with the vague sense that it was about being “well-rounded” or “accomplished” (both of which are things that a lot of my peeps aspire to)… but it is increasingly obvious to me…