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  • Taming the Ego

    Religion is not Spirituality. Might be considered a companion piece to Science is not Technology. People talk about their “lizard brains” and “monkey minds” as though those are the same things, namely these unasked for voices that draw us into behaviours that make us feel that we “weren’t ourselves”. In a very real way, though,…

  • Spiritual Crosstraining

    Last week I had the great opportunity to go to Gampo Abbey to attend a teaching by Pema Chodron on the subject of “Living by Vow”. Pema (as we affectionately know her) is an American Buddhist nun in one of the¬†Tibetan lineages. As such, she is carrying forward a long tradition, with forms most ornate.…

  • Perceiving Deep Order, or “Does God Exist?”

    In which I consider the existence and/or non-existence of God/gods through a number of different lenses.