Guiding Principles

  1. Sustainability is not just doing the same things less badly.
  2. The tacit values of our culture are at direct odds with actually achieving “Right Livelihood”
  3. We are already in planetary overshoot, having ignored or dismissed the scientific evidence for the last 30 (or more) years
  4. Resilience in the challenging changes to come will depend on a completely different set of emotional cultural skills
  5. The dominant culture lacks narrative on how to collaborate and share the benefits of our joint efforts
  6. Our least adaptive cultural traits can only be addressed by confronting them in ourselves
  7. We cannot achieve a sustainable, just, “right” livelihood and also “succeed” according to the terms of our current cultural constructs. If you truly value the regenerative processes, you will have to take actions that are considered counter- or non-productive by mainstream society.
  8. On the other side of the hard work of self-knowledge there is a world of community and beauty… if we value the potential in beings and trust deeper longings, we become resistant to consumption and destruction as proof of worthiness.