I have a passion for ideas, for learning, and for sharing beauty. I experience ideas as sensuous, tactile items to be examined, considered, and above all enjoyed. Not superficial, “oh, all will be well” kinds of ideas, which are sort of the popcorn of the intellectual world.

But ideas like, “What does it mean to embrace the possibility that all will be well? What would it mean to live that way? How do you hold that (on a cosmic scale), while acknowledging the banality of evil in the material world? What is our duty to the other? And how do we best honour our place in the universe?”

These are philosopher’s and mystic’s questions, but they matter every day.

Because how we navigate the mundane world, feed ourselves, engage in politics and intimate relationships, and decide what to wear, where to live and what to do to pay the bills all derive from the meaning we have made at such deep levels… whether we realize it or not.

When people are ready to do this work intentionally, I’m here.

I help adults who are at the point of seeking self-realization find the educational paths that they need to take their next step.

This might mean going back for formal education, but for many people, informal education and specific training is more appropriate. You are probably already an expert learner, and possibly an expert in a specific field. But (as we all have come to see), merely being amazing isn’t enough. You also need skills to navigate the systems by which power, money, and resources flow… including coping with your own patterns of behaviour.

And this is the foundation for my work:

Social systems are emergent properties of stories.

Our stories are the stuff of which we are made and we are the stuff of which our societies are constructed. It is not our technical skills which have produced this point of crisis; they are merely the tools by which it plays out. Rather, it is the meaning we are (collectively) using to navigate the world. If we want to affect change, and produce a more just and humane and ecologically balanced society, we have to become far more subtle to figure out where the points of intervention lie.

For an introduction to what I mean by this:


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