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In this video, I was talking about making time for meditation and yoga, but it applies to making time for anything that matters to you.

Time for What Matters

In the face of accelerating demands on our time, how do we dedicate ourselves to the long term practices that support our growth? 🕰 We need to learn to make time for what matters. I started out teaching people meditation and yoga, but it turned out that they really needed a different relationship with time before they could even get started with a regular practice... so now I talk about time. A lot. In this video, I consider how to become more selective with our use of time. We want to include our highest priorities... which means we must learn to say, "No," to things are not aligned with our intentions. We will also consider how to gracefully defer things that we ~do~ want to do when something else is a higher priority - for now. 💖 No matter how much our minds try to convince us that it's a question of better time management: We can't do everything at once.

Posted by Seonaid Lee on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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