Loving the Rebels

Here is a place that you don’t have to worry about coming out.

This is a space for the weird and the queer, agnostics and pagans, spirit-seeking scientists and science-seeking meditators. Invoke your favourite philosopher, mention the quest your deity sent you on, tell me about your evening without playing the pronoun game. Talk about your source code, your client/server problems, cloud computing, Marxist philosophy, or the business model you’ve been exploring for your lean, extreme programming, minimum viable startup. Admit your discomfort with the tension between atman and emptiness, or how you sometimes find yourself praying to a god you don’t really believe in. Or talk feminisms and pedagogies, knowing that I know that you can make those words plural.

I can take it.

I dance the line between structure and agency, denying neither. I walk the boundary of philosophical uncertainty, knowing that at the end of the day that the bills need paying and the roof needs repair.

Profoundly philosophical. Profoundly practical. Deeply committed to beauty.

What are the implications? What’s that good for? Does it bring us closer to the yearning? If we can hold these three things in tension, we can start to get somewhere.

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