You are brilliant, and the world needs you.

In a culture out of sync with the life-sustaining systems of the world, The Art of Yearning offers fringe-dwellers, misfits, and scatterlings the confidence to trust their inner guidance and step into their role in the great healing.

We seek:

  • community, not consumption
  • belonging, not status
  • contribution, not accomplishment
  • discovery, not dominion

Yearning is a call from the soul to reconnect with deep reality. It it a pull toward something bigger than our selves, a felt sense of how to move towards right relationship with the world. At its best it is a call to unity and flow.

The Art comes from learning the difference between the soul call and the everyday voices in our heads – yearning or desperation, seeking or striving. We need to learn, intimately, the difference between the desire to be whole and the goal of looking like we are, even though we don’t feel it.

This is the opposite of “faking it until you make it.” It is not playing big, and it is not playing small – it is not “playing” anything at all, unless it is playing for the sake of play itself.

Life is an experience, not a performance.

There is no point playing for an audience if you are not enjoying the process.


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