Technologies can only ever be as humane as the companies that build them.

A relentless drive for progress ramps up the volatility of our systems, creates new and unexpected problems at scale, and burns out our best people.

We need to reclaim the power of wisdom.

With over two decades of experience working on and thinking about technology and the people who build it, I’m on a mission to help tech-focused organizations think differently about their place in the world.

I help teams develop the skills to hold onto the big picture while navigating the uncertainty of day-to-day operations.

I draw upon a wealth of work experience, informed by rock-solid scientific and social sciences training. (B.Sc., M.Sc. in Physics, B.Ed.)

I also hold certificates in Permaculture Design and Embodiment Coaching, backed by 20 years of meditation practice.

If you need a truly versatile consultant who speaks your language and can help you face the complexity of the coming decades, please book a call and we can talk about your needs.

Developing Ethical Leadership in Tech

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